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Located in the cozy vaulted cellar of a 19th-century palace, The Tasting Table is a hybrid wine shop / tasting room / event space / education center / online shop. We focus on Central European grape varietals and specialties and have 150+ unique wines, many of which are not widely available elsewhere. We buy our wine mainly straight from the winemakers, from good people who make good wine, who we know and trust. Every wine we offer has a reason to be here—whether it is simply an outstanding wine, comes from a special terroir, or tells an important story about Hungarian winemaking. Our goal is to introduce these special wines, and our wine is always paired with lots of insight into Hungarian winemaking.

Visiting Hungarian wineries is a special experience. Winemakers personally welcome you at their tables (as opposed to serving wine from behind a bar), pouring generous glasses of wine as they reveal the details of their wines, terroirs, and personal histories. At The Tasting Table we hope to recreate this quintessential Hungarian wine experience in the city. Come sit at our table and discover delicious Hungarian wines, and the stories behind them. Drop by to buy a bottle of wine to enjoy at home. Or have a seat at our communal tables, where we serve glasses and flights (along with artisan cheese and charcuterie boards). Our sommeliers are always happy to chat. We focus on educating our guests about Hungarian and Central European wine and food culture, and we offer wine tasting classes and are available for private functions. Our Thursdays @The Tasting Table series happens every other Thursday, when we invite a special guest for a themed dinner / wine tasting.


The Tasting Table is located in the Palace Quarter, a neighborhood which has been praised as one of Budapest’s hippest up-and-coming neighborhoods in publications such as Vogue, The New York Times, and Condé Nast Traveler. The aristocratic families of the Austro-Hungarian Empire had residences here, and between 1867 and World War I there were nearly three dozen palaces and mansions built in this small area (including our building). Like the rest of Budapest, many buildings here are still bullet-scarred from battles during World War Two and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. They are slowly being restored, and more businesses, cafés, bars, and shops are revitalizing the area. The Tasting Table is located in the cellar of the Keglevich Palace, built in 1871 for Count Stefan Keglevich, a member of parliament. Keglevich was a Croatian count who created a vodka brand in 1884, the Keglevich Classic, which was distilled from pure grain and remains popular today. Perhaps he stored his vodka and other experimental drinks in our cellar? We like to think so.

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Whether you discover Hungarian wine in person at The Tasting Table in Budapest, in the cellar of a winery, or somewhere else in the world … we hope you will keep seeking it and drinking it wherever you live! Most of the wines we sell at The Tasting Table are also available in our online shop. We deliver in Budapest, and we ship wine all over the EU (and even in small quantities to the US). Don’t know what you are looking for? We’ll be offering a selection of mixed cases so you can experience a little bit of everything. Drop us a line and we can help you choose some nice bottles! Sign up for our newsletter, and come back regularly to check out the online wine shop.

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