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Our wine menu changes frequently to show a variety of our 200+ wines


Wine Flights

3,900 HUF / flight (1dl of  three wines)

Spring Superstars 
Füleky, Tokaji Furmint (2013) Tokaj
Spiegelberg, Wedding Night Wine (2011) Somló
Bolyki, Bikavér Classic (2015) Eger

Local Specialties
Szászi, Olaszrizling (2015) Badacsony
Wassmann, Portugieser (2015) Villány
Vida, Hidaspetre Kékfrankos (2014) Szekszárd

Three Colors 
Ludányi, Hárslevelű (2015) Mátra
Gál, Zweigelt Rosé (2015) Alföld
Stier, Cabernet Franc (2013) Villány

Hungarian Blockbusters
Pósta, Kadarka (2015) Szekszárd
Kovács Nimród, Rhapsody Bikavér (2013) Eger
Heumann, Lagona (2013) Villány

Tokaj Beauties 
Vayi, Frizzante (NV)
Kardos, Supreme (2013)
Royal Tokaji, 5 Puttonyos aszú (2009) (0,5dl)

Sommelier’s Choice
Want something special? Tell the sommelier what you have in mind, or be surprised!

Add a glass of Pálinka of your choice to any flight for an additional 900 Ft!

Wine By The Glass

Choose from the flight menu, or ask the sommelier for advice

1 glass (1dl) of white wine 1,500 HUF
1 glass (1dl) of red wine 2,000 HUF
1 glass (1dl) of Tokaji aszú 2,000 HUF

Tokaj History By The Glass

0.5dl of each wine, served by CORAVIN

1972 Oremus, 5 puttonyos aszú 9,900 HUF
1993 Erzsébet, 5 puttonyos aszú 8,900 HUF
1999 Erzsébet, 5 puttonyos aszú 7,900 HUF
2001 Hétszőlő, Hárslevelű 5 puttonyos aszú 6,900 HUF
2007 Samuel Tinon, Aszúesszencia 8,900 HUF

Wine By The Bottle

Drink any bottle from the shelf for a 25% surcharge (on the shop prices)

Hungarian Craft Beer

Hedon, Credo (330ml) 900 HUF
Hedon, Balatoni Világos (500ml) 900 HUF
Hedon, Katalin Cárnő (330ml) 900 HUF
Hedon, Charlie Firpo (660ml) 1,400 HUF


Spirit Flight
2,900 HUF
A flight includes 2cl of any three spirits … Choose from the list below, or let us choose for you!

4cl / 1,800 HUF
Brill Presenta Plum 2013
Brill Gönci Apricot 2014
Brill Kiffer Pear 2012
Brill Quince/Pear
Dibonis Williams Pear
Dibonis Apple
Zwack Kosher Plum
Márkházi Peach
Márkházi Plum
Márkházi Sour Cherry

4cl / 1,800 HUF
Hernyák Corvinus Brandy
Dibonis Almados

4cl / 900 HUF
Unicum Plum
Maximillian Liquor

4cl / 2,400 HUF
Arran Single Malt 10 Year-old Scottish Whisky
(aged in Tokaji casks!)

Vegetable Spirit
4cl / 1,800 HUF
Brill Kápia Paprika 2014
Brill Celeriac 2015


Fruit Szörp (Non-alcoholic, fruit syrup with soda water)
300 HUF

Black Elderflower
Sour Cherry

Soda Water
1L / 500 HUF

Prices are in HUF and contain the VAT. They do not include a service fee.

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