Terms and Conditions

This contract determines the details and conditions of the purchases at tastingtablebudapest.com between the Buyer and the Vendor.

  1. The Vendor:

Name: Tasting Table Kft
Address: 1088 Budapest, Bródy Sándor utca 9.
Tax Number: 23281424-2-41
Registration Number: 5515/2014

Bank Account: 11707062-20002657

IBAN: HU65 1170 7062 2000 2657 0000 0000

Bank: OTP


Bank Address: 1075 BUDAPEST KÁROLY KRT. 1.


  1. The Buyer:

By adding products in the cart on www.tastingtablebudapest.com and by paying the price through the website, the user becomes a buyer. Buyer accepts the terms and conditions of the following terms and conditions and abides to them.

  1. The Product:

Products are for sale by Tasting Table Kft. on their website. Prodcuts include wine, sparkling wine, pálinka and other alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic products. Buyers are informed about the qualities of the product on the website and / or before the final purchase of the product.

  1. Prices:

The prices on the website are all gross prices, inclusive of VAT and are not discounted prices and are valid if you purchase less than six bottles. If you purchase at least six bottles of any 0.75 liter or 0.5 liter bottles, you’ll be automatically given a 10% discount.

There is 27% VAT included in the gross price of wines and spirits and 5% in the book prices.

The prices indicated do not include shipping. Shipping fee will be calculated and added to the bill at the end of your purchase.


  1. How to order


  1. Restrictions for Purchase:

Alcoholic beverages can only be purchased by people over 18 years old.

  1. Shipping:

7.1. Shipping is free within Hungary if you purchase is worth a minimum of 20,000 HUF. For all other purchases we charge 1,900 HUF for shipping within Hungary.

7.2. International shipping rates are the following:

Zone 1: 5,000 HUF (6 bts)/ 6,500 HUF (12 bts)

Zone 2: 5,500 HUF (6 bts)/ 6,500 HUF (12 bts)

Zone 3: 6,500 HUF (6 bts)/ 7,500 HUF (12 bts)
Checz Republic

Zone 4: 7,500 HUF (6 bts)/ 8,500 HUF (12 bts)

Zone 5: 9,000 HUF (6 bts)/10,500 HUF (12 bts)

Zone 6: 11,000 HUF (6 bts)/ 12,500 HUF (12 bts)
Greece (except Greek Islands)

  1. Complaints, Cancelations:

8.1. Complaints about shipping:

Buyer must inform the shipping company and report any damages, missing products, immediately to the shipping company upon delivery. We do not take responsibility fro esthetic changes such as ripped label capsule, box, etc.

8.2. Complain Management:

Please email any complaints to: hello@tastingtablebudapest.com.

Supervisory Body: Budapest District 8 Municipality’s Notary (1082 Budapest, Baross u. 63-67. Tel:+36 1 4592100) and Budapesti Békéltető testület, 1016 Budapest, Krisztina körút 99. 3. em. 310. Tel: +36 1 336 1 4882131.

8.3. Cancelation / Return Policy:

After receiving the products, the buyer is entitled to cancel the order within 14 days. If buyer wishes to cancel the order, he/she needs to inform us by mail or email to the following address and with the following form:

Address: Tasting Table Kft. 1088 Budapest, Bródy Sándor utca 9.
E-mail: hello@tastingtablebudapest.com
Telefon: +36 30/7208197

The following form can be used for the cancelation:

I’d like to return the following products to vendor: 

Date of delivery:
Buyer’s name:
Vendor’s address:
Buyer’s signature:

The order can also be cancelled between the purchase and the delivery of products.

8.3.1. The return / cancelation process

In case of return or cancelation vendor must refund the full purchase price of the products including the shipping fee to buyer’s account within 14 days after receiving the cancelation. Vendor cannot charge a transaction or cancelation fee for the refund. Vendor is entitled to hold back the refund until the returned products are redelivered to vendor.

Buyer must ship back the returned products at his / her own expense to vendor no later than within 14 days after deliovery.

  1. Replacement policy:

In case Tasting Table Kft. delivers the wrong products, vendor must replace the products at his own expense or return the money to the buyer.

Buyer must report any faults, problems with the product immediately after delivery.

  1. Warranty

There is no warranty to our products.

  1. Payment Methods

Buyer can settle the payment automatically on the website by credit card or by bank transfer if it is previously agreed with vendor.


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